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Rahat Shahriar
Jul 14, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
Because they can't or because of both, but the result Job Function Email List is an enormous sense of lack of protection for the citizenry, who observe trembling and suspicious. The context: a failed globalization model Although national withdrawals and a certain deglobalization movement Job Function Email List supported by protectionist theses were already detected before the pandemic, the way in which covid-19 has hit the planet has revealed some of the most obvious flaws of globalization. A Europe perplexed Job Function Email List by its difficulty in reacting to the virus, lacking the capacity to produce basic instruments such as respirators. China consolidating itself as the factory of the world and the new enemy to beat Job Function Email List due to the policy of a United States that has led globalization and has broken into two pieces along the way, and Africa that contemplates how, while in Europe, at the time of writing these pages, the percentage of vaccination already exceeds 70% of the adult population, they barely reach 7%, which is a clear failure of Job Function Email List instruments such as Covax4. Meanwhile, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center ( imdc , for its acronym in English) shows how climate change is already the main reason for internal displacement and one of the main causes of migration5. If we add to this the fact that the digital revolution, from Job Function Email List the spread of communication. Technologies to artificial intelligence, does not recognize any borders, we can Job Function Email List conclude that the great macro-trends that are emerging at the present time always have a global dimension. As if this were not enough, the pandemic has clearly shown that the planet is one, that anything that happens Job Function Email List at any point is capable of generating effects on the globe as a whole, that we are Job Function Email List interdependent and that this interdependence is of extreme asymmetry.
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Rahat Shahriar

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